finding nunchucks for sale in the united states

The problem with nunchucks for sale in the US

In recent times a problem has arisen with finding nunchucks to buy in the US. That is of course the fact that they have banned in many states.

Unfortunately the fact that they are a weapon commonly used in martial arts, they are still considered dangerous apparently.

Due to this fact, it is a hassle for many people to find nunchucks online. Because the suppliers will not ship to you. You can still order from some sites, but these sites risk being find for weapons trafficking which is a fairly serious offense.

Nunchucks are Illegal in the following states 

California, New York, Massachusetts, and Arizona all have laws banning nunchaku.

Where to learn nunchaku or nunchucks

There are a few great websites you can go to to learn about the fantastic hobby, skill, self-defense tactic, or martial art known as nunchaku. 

Here is a not so complete list of sites. 

This is a famous nunchaku brand; Sunddragon. They not only make nunchucks, but one of their founders David Hansen has lots of dvds that teach you the basics to intermediate all the way to advanced techniques. 

This is a great blog to check out if you are interested in learning nunchaku. There are tons of tutorials, but most importantly they are also in video format which in my opinion is the best way to go, next to actual face-to-face lessons. 

This is a typical wiki how, it has a few slides which show you the basics of nunchaku. As with almost every single slide show on that website it is less than great, to say the least. 

nunchucks for sale

Two nunchucks sitting side by side. These are good examples of hardwood nunchucks for sale. They also have metal fittings on the tops. They appear to be held together by a metal chain.


So thats about all for this post. And really for this blog. There will never be another post here ever again. 

Now get out there and go learn you some nunchucks. 

See you later and have a good day.